Scenic City Angel Agenda for Programs Fall/Winter 2022

for ages 5-18+

Prepared by Latoya Williams


Starting the month of September, all SCA programs will be experiencing constant volunteer opportunities. The Fall/Winter months will be solely focused around helping one another regardless of race, gender, or economic status. Our programs will focus on:

  • Learning, volunteering, and understanding of how all kids are the same but different.
  • Expressing volunteering as a gateway to understanding cultures of different youth.
  • Participants of the program become open to their own feelings, struggles, and thoughts about how they feel their life is going so far.
  • Preparing hobbies, career goals, and common interest in volunteering as a way to understanding strengths.
  • Volunteering research to discuss issues in the world to other younger youth in early age Scenic City Angel programs.


  • Networking strategies for youth the develop careers, experiences and introductions to new volunteer atmospheres.
  • Focus on the concepts regarding rules of businesses, regulations of SCA program participation and etiquette of advertising, recruiting on a constant basis.
  • Realizing themselves as goal seekers and possible struggles that come with being a goal seeker.


  • Forgotten Child Fund (donations to other youth in need).
  • Chattanooga Autism Center (ways to give back to autistic kids and understand their difference and importance).
  • Tennessee Railroad (learn fundamentals and history of railroad).
  • Festivals at Camp Jordan and Mt. Canaan Church (Sept-Nov 2022).
  • TC Thompsons Children’s Hospital (give back to kids in hospitals various items designated by hospital).
  • Chattanooga Veterans Association (make cards and videos to send to local veterans in and around the Chattanooga Area).
  • Youth on Youth mentoring and homework help during the Fall season provided by Zoom meetings.
  • Scenic City Angel Research: Learn and Program program participants will choose society topics, do research and share with others by recruiting friends, family, and public. Ex. Discuss Labor Day.
  • All SCA participants will continue youth group chats (open to the public) to discuss how to spread the word about precautions on Covid, MonkeyPox, and other health concerns.
  • Assisted Living Happiness for Seniors (create gifts to make smiles).


Steps for student understanding

  • W-9, Waiver Liability Form, and Registration completion.
  • Comply with following volunteer facility rules, dress codes, and registration.
  • Listing of volunteering and verifications by management of volunteering facility.

2nd Annual Community Volunteer for HCDE Schools

Saturday, July 30, 2022 –

Saturday, we had the pleasure of taking part in the Hamilton County Schools Better Together District-wide Day of Service. Our kids and parents helped East Lake Elementary prepare for the upcoming school year. Our Inventure and Kidstarter kids mulched the playgrounds, arranged shelving for books and other materials, created welcome back signs, sort and arrange clothing, and cleaned desks. 

Not only did our kids take part, but their parents did too! A special thanks to Mrs. Norris, Ms. Houston, Mrs.Yancey, Mrs. Lewis, and Mrs. Fifer for being role models for our kids, and great examples of working hard for your community.

Scenic City Angels Volunteering for the Chattanooga Audubon Society

Saturday, July 23, 2022 –

Chattanooga Audubon Society welcomed our programs to participate in a 7-hour volunteer opportunity. Our kids attended the nature-focused adventures of outdoor practices as mentors. They also learned the history of the oldest land in Chattanooga, as well as the native history of the land. Our youth also participated in a combination of activities including races, team games, swimming, and touring the swinging bridge. A special thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Norris for taking a day off from their jobs to make sure our Scenic City Angels were taken care of.

Lunch and Learn on Dress Codes and Workplace Requirements

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Our Kidstarters and Learn and Earn kids attended McDonald’s Hwy 58 location to discuss dress codes in schools, church, restaurants, workplace, and volunteering. General Manager, Jessica, gave a great lesson about dress codes in her workplace and the consequences and health & safety concerns that come with it. She even offered our 15 & up youth a job on the spot! As we continue to build our resumes, this was an important lesson to learn as to it is important to present well during interviews. This session was very rewarding for our kids, and it just goes to show that everywhere you go there is an opportunity to build a relationship and learn. We are looking for to participating in the McDonald Carnival…coming soon!

Summer Is For Seniors

Message From Latoya Williams, SCA Project Manager:

I hope everyone had a relaxed and enjoyable holiday! First, I would like to thank all the seniors who participated in our program, and provided opportunities for our youth. As our Summer for Seniors Project continues, we will be delivering fresh vegetables, water, juice, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and even homemade dinners to show appreciation for seniors who served in the military, teachers, nurses, mentors, and role models. We are so thankful for you all! No senior is left out! Why? Because without you there would be no us!

These were the most requested vegetables from our seniors:

● Sweet potatoes – a great source of antioxidants and diabetic-friendly vegetable

● Okra – a good source of magnesium, and helps lower the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

● Cabbage – helps lower cholesterol and keeps the stomach lining and intestines strong

● Squash “Summer Squash” – a great source of vitamins A, B6, and C. Also high in potassium

and fiber.


Meet Andre. Andre has been a part of our Scenic City Angel Programs for some years and recently graduated to our Learn and Earn Program. Andre, this weekend, had back-to-back performances as Simba in the Lion King! Through his participation in our Learn and Earn Program, he has learned all the confidence he needs to be on stage. Keep a look out for this future star!