Who We Are

Scenic City Angel (SCA) is an initiative of Mark Making. Our pedagogy is grassroots and community-based. We help cultivate leaders from disadvantaged communities and assist them in helping others create change in their lives and their communities. 

SCA is coordinated by Dr. Peggy Douglas, who is a veteran community organizer and college professor with over 30 years experience in working with community leaders for social change.  

Our leaders are chosen based on their contribution to the betterment of others– the economic value of the outcomes of their contributions: such as when they help others obtain skills to get and keep a living-wage job, when an ex-felon stays out of jail and helps teenagers do the same, when a public housing residents are able to start a business of her own to serve others in their community. 

Latoya Williams is a graduate of Chattanooga State, I once struggled as a single parent raising three small children by myself. Like all parents wanting the best for our kids – I put my edication on hold until they made it through school, but I always keep my goals prioritized. I always said that once my children were near adulthood, I would come back for additional education which I did. Thank goodness I have a daughter that graduated from Tyner High in 2016, a son who graduated from STEM School of Chattanooga in 2017, and my youngest child that is currently a junior at McCallie School. Currently, my oldest child and middle children attend college here at Chattanooga State, which explains that determination is contagious— especially when you have a single mom that encourages, participates, and understands goals and strengths.

Tony Morgan is a graduate of Howard High School. He is the founder of Rising Stars, a non-profit that provides recreational sports opportunities to underprivileged girls and boys who live in East Lake and Alton Park. Tony is also the owner of Montana’s Deli and Apparel, a small business located in South Chattanooga.

Ethan Boyd has been with Scenic City Angel and Inventure Chattanooga since 2018. He is a student, musician, and activist looking to improve the community through grassroots movements and programs. His current role in Inventure Chattanooga is mentor and coordinator.

Contact: sceniccityangel@gmail.com or 423-619-7231