Scenic City Angel Agenda for Programs Fall/Winter 2022

for ages 5-18+

Prepared by Latoya Williams


Starting the month of September, all SCA programs will be experiencing constant volunteer opportunities. The Fall/Winter months will be solely focused around helping one another regardless of race, gender, or economic status. Our programs will focus on:

  • Learning, volunteering, and understanding of how all kids are the same but different.
  • Expressing volunteering as a gateway to understanding cultures of different youth.
  • Participants of the program become open to their own feelings, struggles, and thoughts about how they feel their life is going so far.
  • Preparing hobbies, career goals, and common interest in volunteering as a way to understanding strengths.
  • Volunteering research to discuss issues in the world to other younger youth in early age Scenic City Angel programs.


  • Networking strategies for youth the develop careers, experiences and introductions to new volunteer atmospheres.
  • Focus on the concepts regarding rules of businesses, regulations of SCA program participation and etiquette of advertising, recruiting on a constant basis.
  • Realizing themselves as goal seekers and possible struggles that come with being a goal seeker.


  • Forgotten Child Fund (donations to other youth in need).
  • Chattanooga Autism Center (ways to give back to autistic kids and understand their difference and importance).
  • Tennessee Railroad (learn fundamentals and history of railroad).
  • Festivals at Camp Jordan and Mt. Canaan Church (Sept-Nov 2022).
  • TC Thompsons Children’s Hospital (give back to kids in hospitals various items designated by hospital).
  • Chattanooga Veterans Association (make cards and videos to send to local veterans in and around the Chattanooga Area).
  • Youth on Youth mentoring and homework help during the Fall season provided by Zoom meetings.
  • Scenic City Angel Research: Learn and Program program participants will choose society topics, do research and share with others by recruiting friends, family, and public. Ex. Discuss Labor Day.
  • All SCA participants will continue youth group chats (open to the public) to discuss how to spread the word about precautions on Covid, MonkeyPox, and other health concerns.
  • Assisted Living Happiness for Seniors (create gifts to make smiles).


Steps for student understanding

  • W-9, Waiver Liability Form, and Registration completion.
  • Comply with following volunteer facility rules, dress codes, and registration.
  • Listing of volunteering and verifications by management of volunteering facility.

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