Juneteenth Celebration at Warner Park

Saturday, June 18, 2022

As we celebrated Juneteenth, it was important for us to educate our kids about the importance of this day. Juneteenth commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. Juneteenth marks the anniversary of the announcement of General Order No. 3 by Union Army general Gordon Granger on June 19, 1865, proclaiming freedom for enslaved people in Texas. Program Director, Latoya Williams, lead these discussions with our Scenic City Angel participants and their parents. We had a great turnout, and even had time to cool off in the pool. We look forward to celebrating again next year.

Scenic City Angel Volunteers for Girls Inc. Ice Cream Social at First Pavilion

June 12, 2022

As our kids complete their work shifts for the Chattanooga Food Bank and Summer is for Seniors, we also had the opportunity to be part of the 2022 Girls Inc. Ice Cream Social. We passed out over 800 samples of ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to work this fun event. This gave our kids the opportunity to learn advertising and customer relations. We are so proud of them!

Our upcoming jobs include:

Chattanooga Audubon (Day camp)

Foxwood Food Bank (Ave)

Chattanooga Food Bank (Amnicola)

Host a Good Will Food Drive

Girls INC

YMCA Fun and Food Program

Summer is for Seniors Project

2022 Summer Agenda for Scenic City Angel

We are on the move to keep our kids engaged with positive goals and ideas to keep them safe and focused for the upcoming summer. Gun violence is an ongoing issue and will remain a focus for us. As the summer approaches, we will be recruiting for a limited number of youth employment to give others a chance to work and build character. We are doing a series of discussions this summer centered around gun violence reduction in our community. It is important to understand how to stay positive through these rough times. We will have weekly mandatory sessions as follows:

Kidstarters & Inventure (ages 6-13) Tell me about Life? These will be weekend discussions in local parks, restaurants, and free facilities to talk about school, family, gun violence, and their feelings towards these issues. (It is mandatory for parents to attend)

Learn & Earn Program/Tutors & Shoots including new participants (ages 14-18) Gun Violence, Bullying, Social Pressure Discussions? These will also be weekend discussions held at various free locations in which speakers will come out to talk with our kids on how to handle ongoing issues like gangs, drugs, and active shooter techniques.

Resume Prep Days – From week to week each participant in all our programs will be responsible for writing down a detailed description of the job they volunteered for. This builds character and gives the sense of understanding how they have accomplished a great goal. By the end of the summer, every participant even Kidstarters, will create a working resume.

Summer is for Seniors – All parents are responsible for a purchasing items for seniors to help them during these summer months. We have partnered with NET Resource Foundation and Greater Nashville Regional Council to provide 500 cards for seniors before the end of summer.

New Restoration Church Community Vaccine Fair

As the Summer approaches, we continue to volunteer in our community to explore different opportunities for our youth mentorships. Participants from all of our programs joined together and helped pass out lunches as well as provide information on the importance of safety and vaccination for Covid-19 and other illnesses. Also discussed, our festivals coming up and how to set up tents, vendors, and public speaking. On May 7, we had our final Festival Etiquette Session before our first event at Chester Frost Park’s Water Lantern Festival on May 14.

2022 First Vending Opportunity

Working on this project for four consecutive months, this group of youth showed all the skills of teamwork, customer relations, and entrepreneurship. Parents played a huge part as they purchased items, assisted with the clean and and set up. All participants in the program were responsible for training strategies for upcoming festivals. As I was their first customer, the youth was great at selective selling items, smiling with a great attitude towards customers and properly setting up and breakdown. The last couple of hours we got caught in a storm!!!! We were soaked, but we still had fun and this was a great learning experience for our kids..


Mother’s Day Appreciation

Sometimes it’s nice to show all ages, from early youth (elementary) to young adults (high school & beyond), how to show love to all moms. Whether it’s with a smile or playing a simple game together; spending time together is all a mother really wants . One of our parents sent a message, “I really felt special and appreciated as well as laughed my behind off.” We love our Scenic City Angel moms!

Free Break Light Repair Clinic

In conjunction with the Orchard Knob Community Health Fair on March 17th, Scenic City Angel and friends will hold a brake light repair clinic so that citizens can retain reliable transportation and avoid police stops that result in expensive tickets, court appearances and other issues. The supplies and service will be free to the public, and volunteers will be trained by the Autozone management before the event. The brake light repair clinic will be held from 11am – 3pm at the Autozone parking lot (2021 E 3rd St in Chattanooga, TN) on the 17th and no appointment is necessary.

Camp Paradise

Twenty of our East Lake kids spent a week at Camp Paradise. A counselor at the overnight camp asked the young campers what they liked most about camp? Some said they don’t have to worry about food–that they get plenty at camp. Others love swimming and boating. Another little boy said he doesn’t have to walk backwards or worry about his back because he doesn’t fear getting shot in the back at camp.