New Restoration Church Community Vaccine Fair

As the Summer approaches, we continue to volunteer in our community to explore different opportunities for our youth mentorships. Participants from all of our programs joined together and helped pass out lunches as well as provide information on the importance of safety and vaccination for Covid-19 and other illnesses. Also discussed, our festivals coming up and how to set up tents, vendors, and public speaking. On May 7, we had our final Festival Etiquette Session before our first event at Chester Frost Park’s Water Lantern Festival on May 14.

2 thoughts on “New Restoration Church Community Vaccine Fair

  1. Michael, you did go to different table to discuss covid vaccine. This was a great way to learn about different organizations that promote vaccines. It’s important to understand info about vaccines. You may be able to become a resource and help the next person if they may/may not understand about the virus.


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